Panbeton® Scaffolded 2mm
Panbeton® Scaffolded 15mm
Panbeton® Chevrons
Panbeton® Gioòmetry
Panbeton® Shuttered Horizontal Wood
Panbeton® Timber
Panbeton® Shuttered Vertical Wood
Panbeton® OSB
Panbeton® Classic
Panbeton® Fragmentation
Panbeton® Factory
Panbeton® Modern
Panbeton® Barbican
Panbeton® Grand Capiton
Panbeton® Slats
Panbeton® Vertical Planks
Panbeton® Delicate
Panbeton® Yun
Panbeton® Shan
Panbeton® Shui
Panbeton® Made in Haussmann
Panbeton® Haussmann Minimal
Panbeton® Bouchardé
Panbeton® Harmony
Panbeton® Rusty
Panbeton® Mica
Panbeton® Whipped
Panbeton® Fingerprint
Panbeton® Combed
Panbeton® Origin
Panbeton® Totem
Panbeton® Trio 2mm
Panbeton® Trio 15mm
Panbeton® Cross
Panbeton® Domino
Panbeton® Rivet


Panbeton® is more than 30 standard models, each one in 9 Colours.

This is a light weight concrete wall panel with the front in genuine raw concrete and at the rear an ultra-light foam panel. Light, easy to cut and to install, these concrete panels offer a simple solution for creating a contemporary atmosphere with an authentic material: concrete.

Once installed, the Panbeton® panels are like genuine concrete walls formed on the spot. In this way, they make it possible to recreate the uncluttered environments inspired by architects such as Le Corbusier or Tadao Ando which are the sources of inspiration for Concrete LCDA.
For instance, Panbeton® returns to the rhythm of the scaffolded wall, a trace of the formwork can be seen there. A transition between indoors and outdoors. In this case, in its simplest form, the concrete is proof of the beauty of its raw state.

This concrete interior wall panels are also available in a range of made-to-measure sizes, designs and textures. As a key partner of interior architects, our design studio can adapt the Panbeton® technology to any internal fittings project.

Panbeton® panels are very simple to install, all necessary information is available on our installation instructions.


Our exclusive Panbeton® technology may be adapted to all made-to-measure projects. Our design studio is at your disposal to discuss with you your project for customised panels for your walls.




2600 x 900 mm (up to 3500 x 1200 mm) | Thickness : 15 mm (25 mm thick for Scaffolded 15mm)


WEIGHT : from 11 kg to 14kg /m2
EXCLUDED : Exterior and shower stall
COMPOSITION : Fibre-reinforced concrete (5 mm) & construction panel (10 mm)
FIRE CLASSIFICATION : Euroclass B-s1, d0 (Euroclass A2-s1d0 with specific support gypsum fiber board, uppon request)


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